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After a longer break, I have relaunched my older website dedicated to mapping for “Star Wars Jedi Knight” – “Jedi Outcast” and “Jedi Academy” games.

In the gallery you will find screenshots of all my released maps for these two games.
I’m planing to add a “download” and a “mapping-tutorial” sections.


aka “Darth Arth”

3d-get domain moved to new server.


the whole “” domain is moved to new server.
We are now using a dedicated V-server in place of webspace-package.

This means, the whole server-power is dedicated to the domain and it’s services.
No shared services anymore.

Pumo-Software site has also moved and received a dedicated subdomain.
Pumo added some new features to his site, like blog and gallery.

The new links to Pumo’s site are:

Pumo’s Forum

Pumo’s Blog

Pumo’s Gallery

Greetings, MB

High poly PYRO GX model finished


I’m proud to present you the finished high-poly PYRO GX project :D

pyro reworking 02 pyro reworking 03

After 2 years of unwanted interruption, I finally managed to finish this model, which was intended to use for renderings and wallpapers.

Welcome to my new homepage!

Welcome to my new HomePage powered by WordPress.

Now you can read all the modelling-progress news in my blog ;)

Have fun!,

Greetings, MB

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